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ACCX Group

Creating A World Leading Regulated Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange

A paucity of regulated digital asset exchanges, and licensed regulated products globally, means that there are few ways for large global institutional participants to both trade digital products compliantly while keeping their assets or their clients' digital assets safe.

Working with two of Europe’s most respected stock exchanges and a world-class technology partner, ACCX Group is at an advanced stage in seeking regulatory approval from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to launch a secure and compliant, digital derivatives focused Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) / Exchange.

ACCX Group will be the world’s only fully regulated, robustly built, state-of-the art, low latency MTF / Exchange, offering cash-settled trading and regulated clearing of futures (options to follow) on a benchmark index of cryptocurrencies. Our plan is to launch an eco-system of a suite of complimentary cleared digital derivatives instruments, offering professionals and institutions the opportunity to invest, manage risk, or speculate on a secure, transparent and surveilled, regulated market place.

The underlying benchmark for our launch instrument - cash-settled Futures on an index that captures the premier digital assets traded globally. Pricing is provided by a regulated data specialist, being one of Europe’s leading financial licensed information providers. Additionally, all trades will be centrally cleared by a world-class experienced and recognised clearing house/central counterparty (CCP).

The team behind ACCX has a combined track-record of establishing and building institutional trading and brokerage desks, and have run successful Futures and Options operations in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and France. Our directors and non-executive directors include people with experience as committee advisors and as employees of major global derivatives exchanges.

Interdealer Broker

Our services are tailored to the needs of clients managing risk on their portfolios with the use of derivatives such as futures, options and swaps, covering a spectrum of financial asset classes. The company consists of skilled market professionals with extensive knowledge in global/regional financial products. The team has over 20 years of experience on products listed on major European and Asian exchanges along with OTC markets in those regions.

The ACCX Exchange

Our institutional grade exchange empowers our institutional clients to trade seamlessly, efficiently, and safely under a regulatory environment. Our exchange features.

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Trade with Security and Integrity

Our exchange has been crafted from the start by experienced professional users, traders and brokers to ensure that our build meets institutional grade standards

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ACCX exchange features active licensed institutional banks, market makers, funds, brokerage houses, risk managers, and commercial network providers to ensure that there is plenty of liquidity in all our products and instruments at all times.

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Being licensed by a world class regulator will allow ACCX to offer regulated exchange listed products to allow licensed professionals a safe and honourable market place to invest and mitigate risk.

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Separate regulated centralised clearing by one of the world's largest recognised CCP to ensure security and integrity of order flow and client assets from the front to the middle to the back office.

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A/B testing

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The ACCX Difference

Understanding our client needs and bringing Integrity back to digital assets

With decades of derivatives experience and market relationships, ACCX enjoyed a great reputation in the derivatives market-place in Asia and boasted members such as Institutional Banks, Funds, Proprietary Trading Firms, Market Makers, Commercial Network Providers, Authorities, major financial exchanges, and licensed persons in both traditional finance and digital assets.

ACCX are closely working with Europe's top exchanges, global institutions, regulators, and recognised CCPs to make sure that our products are fair and liquid, trades are bound and obligated, clients assets are segregated and securely held to enable all ACCX Exchange participants to trade, invest, mitigate risk in a seamless manner under a recognised financial regulatory environment which all users are committed and bound to.

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